Friday, September 05, 2003

Slashdotted and it feels so good...

Several links and things...

UK readers who wish to write the BBC about a "Neverwhere" DVD (or anything else come to that) should use this address:
BBC Video
BBC Woodlands
80, Wood Lane,
W12 0TT

- Steve Manfred, River Falls, WI

Over in Peter David's journal he links to an article in a Toronto paper making fun of the Hugo Awards. It's not much of an article (it's meant to be one of those "make fun of the geeks" articles, but it hits condescending and never carries on to reach funny) but the comments on the article by the people who were actually there are fascinating -- including some very restrained comments in from Tom Galloway, who was floor manager for the event, and points out the first thing that occured to me while reading it - how can the journalist claim to be so bored that she left half-way through, while also casually quoting a line from the last speech of the night?

This article from the Globe and Mail was much more interesting -- real reporting, which occasionally put my back up slightly, but which paints a picture that has some truth to it, of core SF fandom as something that is as much about itself as it is about SF (but then, all fandoms are).

Google now has a calculator feature -- I still owe a drink to whoever at Google fixed their google sets feature to put Terry Pratchett and me in such very good company.


Someone posted kindly about Endless Nights on which sent the Endless Nights up from around the 1000 level ranking to #33 (on just checking) on The power of slashdot...

I'm meant to be doing an interview at Slashdot reasonably soon, by the way.

And now I have to play Nintendo with Maddy (I've just been informed). (I dug out the old Super Nintendo system as a way of getting my mobile phone back from Maddy, who otherwise steals it to play Bounce.)