Tuesday, August 26, 2003


Info in from Felicia Quon, she of the Coolest Girl's Name (long time readers of this blog will remember that Owl Goingback has the coolest boy's name)...

This Saturday (30 Aug) at 1:00 -- i'll beSigning at Chapters Festival Hall 126 John Street (416.595.7349). No, I don't know if there will be a reading or a Q & A. There may be.

(At the last signing I did, I signed all the copies of WOLVES IN THE WALLS that people wanted, along with a couple of other things.)

Then I'll be at the Hugo Ceremonies. And I'll be wandering about afterwards, either clutching a Hugo with a bemused expression on my face, and hoping they'll still let me into the Hugo Losers Party, or nibbling crisps happily in the Hugo Losers Party. (If you happen to have something you want signed and you happen to run into me, and you ask nicely and there's a pen around, yes, I'm sure I'll sign it. Pick your moments wisely, though.)

Then on Sunday the 31st, I'll be doing a reading at Torcon. Place to be figured out. It won't be followed by a signing, cos I'll have to get in a car and go to the airport to go home. (This one is just for people attending Torcon, as a thank-you-for-having-me.)


This is assuming that I get the stamp in my passport tomorrow that lets me out of/into the US. I'm writing this from a hotel near the INS in Minneapolis, and just put in for my 5:30am alarm call. 6:00 am I'll be there, with a notebook, and I'll write 1602 #7 while I'm waiting...


And this one stands in for several dozen received today. I thought there was only one nasal cat in the world. I was wrong. They seem quite likely to be the Next Big Thing...

Not a question but more of a thank you. I rescued a runt barn kitten about a year ago from a farm up by my sisters place in Brainerd. Ever since when ever I fall asleep this cat has been trying to take up residence in my nose. All along I have thought that my cat was a little lose in the noggin and now through your entry I know that odds are that it is because he was ripped from his mother far to early. I sat Oswald(the Cat) down this evening and explained to him that he could stop worrying about his mental state that he just suffered from seperation anxiety. hopefully this little talk will prevent him from trying to move into my nostril tonight.


You are not alone, Charles.

Regarding the Novello Festival of Reading in Charlotte, North Carolina, October 18th - will there just be a reading and perhaps a Q&A session, or will you be signing anything as well?

-Sarah H.

I'll do a reading and a talk and some Q & A as well. There's normally a signing at these things, although I don't have details. Assume there will be. I'll post info as I get it.

And now I'm going to try and have an early night.