Wednesday, August 13, 2003

some thises and a small handful of thats

San Franciscan retailer Brian Hibbs writes to say:


Just cuz' I didn't see it on the Journal, and I'm not sure if Marvel is telling you these things, 1602 [part 1] came out today.

Since it's less likely to be found outside of comic book shops until the Trade Paperback comes out, you might want to tell your readers they can find a nearby comic book shop at either or


So part one (of eight) is out. And I start writing part seven tomorrow.

Drove home from Chicago through the night, last night, and was woken this morning by my assistant handing me the phone. Merrilee, my literary agent, wanted to tell me that THE WOLVES IN THE WALLS has gone in at #2 on the children's picture book bestseller list at the New York Times. I croaked something appreciative, then went back to sleep.

Later, and more or less properly awake, I went up to the attic and found an unpublished short story I wrote 20 years ago, late one night on a deserted railway station, in a box of forgotten papers and stories and such (including an English exercise book from age 13). I had had a feeling that it wasn't as bad as I remembered, and I read it, and it wasn't. Some bizarre punctuation, and some overkill, and one place where I should have made the relationship between two characters explicit. But it was funny, and it prefigured a bunch of things I'd do in Sandman.

I think I'll type it into the computer and see what I think of it then.

The details of the event at the 92nd Street Y on September 21st are at Me and art spiegelman in conversation, taking Little Lit 3 as a starting point, I expect.

Teresa Nielsen Hayden's blog at is always interesting, odd, and dangerously eclectic. I don't want to know how she finds things like this , but then, I never know how she finds the things she finds.

Cody's books in Berkeley is the only bookstore with a blog that I've run into so far. They've got authors passing through Cody's to recommend books they've enjoyed, which is rather fun.

And Poppy Z. Brite has a livejournal -- who knew? (Well, Caitlin probably.) I raved about her cooking-in-New-Orleans-novel LIQUOR on this blog several years ago -- really pleased to see it's finally coming out.


And I've been talked into taking daughters to the Drive-In. Freaky Friday and Holes. So adieu.