Sunday, August 03, 2003

Monologue morning

Lots of responses from people about audition monologues. Here's everything in so far this morning...

Hey Neil!

In answer to the question about good monolouges - I've had a lot of good luck with the dialouge about eternity from "Good Omens" - I simply cut out Aziraphale's responses.

Another one that I really enjoyed and found success with was Wendsday's charm speech. It can get very, very intense.

And finally, Mr. Ibis' speech on changing times and how he arrived in America when he meets Shadow. Again, omit the responses.

Micala Setsrle

RE: your written work as theater monologue. In a drama class I took last year I used "Being an Experiment..." to quite a healthy amount of laughter. Although it's not exactly beautiful or dark... But it is damn funny to hear aloud.

Hi Neil,

This is my first ever question, and its more of a comment really.

I used your wonderful Babycakes story as a monologue for a stage directing assignment at uni. I had my actress surounded by a whole heap of cutsie little baby statues, and cutsie stuffed animal toys. It went very well, and I got a good mark.

Anyway the person asking about monologues reminded me, and I thought i'd thank you for your contribution towards me getting my useless arts degree (useless, but nevertheless very interesting and fulfillng).

Thanking you.

Mark Brown

PS. Love your work....yada yada

Hi Neil -
Re: the question on theatrical monologues, I've been using Brant Tucker's funeral procession speech from 'Worlds' End' as an audition piece for years (slightly adjusted, since I'm a girl-type). Works pretty well, as does Tori's essay dealie on Death. Hope that helps, thanks for all the wordly fun! - Bethany (A.K.A. the girl who squeaked at you in a Stardust tour signing line, to whom you squeaked back, then looked abashed for making fun of)

Hey Neil,

In a college Oral Interpratation class, where we had to dramatasize literary works, I did Hob's speech in the graveyard to his dead wife and it was my professor's favourite out of the bunch, and she despised swear words, and she said that the use of the "f word" didn't bother in that piece. I think that would be a wonderful piece for someone to use.

Rob Dietz

Hi Neil - love your stuff...(does it get boring hearing that?!) Read that someone was looking for monologues and thought I'd write in. From Sandman, I've used the story Loki told to Puck about Thor being pregnant many times and am happy to report that it has landed me at least 3 roles!! It's funny, full of energy and weird! Keep up the great stuff.

Jay Cormier

I use Hazel's conversation with Death from Death, The Time of your Life.


Which tells me that a lot of you act, and makes me suspect that finding a monologue is something limited only by your imagination...