Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Mainly 1602 stuff, really.

Dear Neil:

Yet another "Cannot Find Server" page


Yup. That made me laugh. I think we need more pages like that on the internet...

If anyone wants to hear a little bit of Dawn French reading Coraline, Bloomsbury have a little of it up at It's the scene where Coraline meets her other mother for the first time.

I was just wondering whether there will be copies of Sandman: Endless Nights available for purchase at the NY Is Book Country talk/signing. Need to find out whether I need to plan to acquire it ahead of time or not!
Dan B.

It'll be for sale there.

Every now and again people send me messages about how rude I was about mead in American Gods. So to make up for it, however inadequately, let me proffer the Got mead website.


The best thing about writing in notebooks is that you don't have to worry about the power going out, or people telling you that we'll be landing in a few minutes and you have to put anything electronic away now please or we shall crash and yes sir that means you I don't care if you're writing a story or not put the bloody thing away now.

The worst thing is spending several hours doing search after search on your computer for every name you could possibly have titled a missing file containing a half-finished introduction you desperately need to wrap up, and then searching for every word that you remember in the file itself... before it finally occurs to you that you might possibly never have actually typed it.


Every second e-mail I'm getting this evening is a virus. Nortons is earning its keep. Beware.

hi neil. i loved 1602 issue #1, however, i was wondering when the next issue was coming out. i remember reading in your journal that you were working on issue #7, but i didn't find any info on issue #2 on the Marvel website. as i am not a patient person, i thought i'd ask you. thank you for all your wonderful dreams.

pepper reed

It's monthly, which means there should be a new one along every four or five weeks.

(Some comic shop owners have grumbled that they've had readers who've come in, bought their 1602 #1, and left. It's worth reminding those store owners that, if they didn't hate it and want to know what happens next, those people will be back at least 7 more times, sometimes just hopefully asking if the next issue's out yet. Which is 7 more chances to get them hooked on other comics and other creators. They're new customers. This is not usually considered a bad thing by shops.)

There's already a 1602 website up at

Part 3 of 1602 arrived today, all lettered for me to proofread. It's the first one I've enjoyed reading so far -- the plot's started, and we've met all the characters, and I'm comfortable with Andy and he with me, so the whole thing's a lot less stiff than the first two. Of course, that's almost eight weeks into everyone else's future.

Also had a long conversation with Andy Kubert about page 22 of 1602 #6, mostly having to do with me having written two panel 3s on that page in the script, bringing an already impossibly-crammed page up to an impossible ten panels. (In the end we slipped a few of the panels over to the previous page, where there was room. More or less.)


And as a little follow-up to yesterday's Batman-beating-someone-up-in-Oxford-and-running-away story -- possibly in reaction to it -- the Australians have decided that it's something in the costumes. Ashburton Child Care Centre director Madeleine Kellaway explains, "You get a little gang of Batmans and Supermans and they need a victim.",5478,6995255%255E2862,00.html for details...