Tuesday, August 05, 2003

hard news...

The hardest thing about being on the board of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is that I take very personally the ones we lose. Jesus Castillo sold an adult comic, from the adult section of the store, to an adult police office, and was successfully prosecuted for obscenity by a DA whose summing up explicitly stated, and managed to convince the jury that Comics Were Just For Kids.

The CBLDF managed to get a second charge -- and a second, separate trial -- thrown out, and got the penalties reduced, and local fundraising paid his fine. But we've just learned that the appeal to the Supreme Court was rejected... is the article.

You know, next year is an election year. I suspect that things will be getting worse.

Over at they have a bunch of my stuff available in exchange for a donation, much of which you'll not see anywhere else. If there's nothing there that strikes your fancy there are a lot of things on the site -- this scary Peter Kuper poster, for example


And meanwhile, Maddy decided that really, I had to take her to see Pirates of the Caribbean for the second time (my first). So I took her, and her friend, and my assistant Lorraine who had also already seen it but wanted to see Johnny Depp in eyeshadow again -- and it was a lovely movie, beautifully done by Ted and Terry (Elliott and Rossio), and stolen most wonderfully by Johnny Depp. Maddy is starting to get used to my weird behaviour at movies, which consists of staying to watch the end credits, which is embARRassing because everyone else leaves and only her dad sits and watches all those names scrolling by. On the other hand, no-one else except for us saw the final zombiemonkey sequence, so she may forgive me.


And it looks like the livejournal feed is now several posts behind.