Thursday, August 21, 2003

a couple of night things
is a Newsarama page, where you get to see some of Andy Kubert's 1602 pencils, and what Richard Isanove does to them.

This one cheered me up no end...

Thank you, Neil.

After an evening of feeling saddened by the ugly side of the comics industry that I love (seeing sooo many internet trolls spewing vitriol all over Comicon's Pulse site, specifically), I came to your journal seeking relief. As I so often do...

..And there was the recent posting about the CBLDF and it's "suspicious intentions." Are the rumor-mongers everywhere? This is depressing; what can I do to help stem the flood?! What would Neil suggest...?

I just joined the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

There, feeling better already. Thank you, Neil!

Scott Challman


And Scott Brown from Entertainment Weekly has arrived to do the interview, which will take up most of my tomorrow, I expect.


Dear Mr. Gaiman,

I just read on ICV2 that there a book Sandman: King of Dreams by Alisa Kwitney is being released in November. How different is this book from The Sandman Companion that was written by Hy Bender released 4 years ago?


Well, Hy Bender's book is a Sandman companion. It's an inside look and commentary on Sandman, and an excellent one. If you've read Sandman, or plan to re-read it, it may point out things you'd missed, or illuminate things you'd forgotten. Alisa Kwitney's King of Dreams is a big illustrated, full colour book that's a sort of an overview, and an introduction -- for someone who's read Sandman it's a souvenir, while it's probably a good introduction if you haven't.

They're very different books, and they cover completely different ground.