Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Clarification. Also why my iPod is attached to a plastic knife with a rubber band.

I read on the Dreaming website that the ad for the Borders signing in Time Out New York says I'll only be signing WOLVES IN THE WALLS. That must be a mistake. We've told Borders that I'll sign unlimited copies of WOLVES and of CORALINE, and I'll sign up to two Other Things.

And I will.


I'm in New York.

It occurred to me today that the biggest problem with the way the future is visually presented is it's either hi tech or low tech; whereas most things are a sort of hodgepodge. This is the kind of revelation that occurs to one when staring at an iPod that only works properly when the headphones are attached by a rubber band to a piece of plastic cutlery, which pulls the connector into the right position....