Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Your cut out and keep San Diego guide. etc

Al Sarrantonio e-mailed back to say the story ("The Problem Of Susan") was accepted and he was sending a contract, and I breathed out again. So yes, if you were wondering, I still worry about short story rejection. I think that the C.S. Lewis estates and the P.L. Travers estates will view it, correctly, as a story about the nature of, and relationship that adults have with, children's fiction. (My friend Roz Kaveney is of the opinion that it's that, but also that it's Narnia slash fiction as well. You can make up your own mind, when you read it.) has undergone a redesign and is now very pretty and filled with strange little boxes filled with words and images. You can order the wonder Dave McKean retrospective book Narcolepsy from there, as well, along with signed Mr Punch posters and oodles of other things.

Telling Tales, the new DreamHaven audio CD is now out. This is the cover image. You can order it from DreamHaven's online shop at

There's a fun article about the One Ring Zero author project at My favourite bit is from Daniel Handler, about his radio song...

�It seems only natural that someone sulking in their room over a loved one would grow bitterer, if that�s a word,� Handler explains in an e-mail from his home in San Francisco. �Also, although there�s no mention of alcohol, I think bourbon is clearly implied, which would add to the bitterness.�

Did Handler have any idea what music would fit his words? �For some reason the lyrics made me think of the Go-Go�s, whom I don�t like, particularly,� Handler replies. �One Ring Zero, more sensibly, turned them into a sort of Go-Go�s cover band one might find in a sulky suburban youth center in Transylvania.�

Meanwhile, a lovely article about Robert Sheckley at It being a small world, yesterday brought me an advance copy of ALisa Kwitney's book The Sandman: King of Dreams, which is a sort of illustrated cousin to Hy Bender's wonderful Sandman Companion. Alisa is Robert Sheckley's daughter, my former editor, and a very sharp and funny writer in her own right. Her website's here.

I'd put in a link to the Chronicle books website, but all I can find there is their Sandman postcard set. But a bit more searching and I found a picture of the cover.



San Diego Comic-con.

I am, according to their website, the busiest person there, and on the most panels, (which will come as a surprise to all the people who've asked but whose panels I'm not on).

This is a handy simple easy guide to where I'll be when, more or less. For the much more interesting version, and to find out what you'll be missing if you come and see me, you should go to the comic-con site.

Thurs., July 17:

1:30-2:30pm Spotlight on Nalo Hopkinson, Room 1AB (I'm interviewing Nalo.)

3:30-4:30pm, DC Booth Signing

5:30-7pm: First a screening of, then a talk and Q&A about the film I made last year, "A Short Film About John Bolton"

Friday, July 18:

12:30-2pm Vertigo Editorial Presentation/Vertigo's 10th, Room 1AB

3-4pm, CBLDF Signing, Autograph Area (me and Frank Miller signing, with a special CBLDF San Diego only print, and tickets to the signing available from the CBLDF booth)

4:30-6pm, Mirror Mask presentation (with Dave McKean, Lisa Henson and Mike Polis), Room 6CDEF

8:30pm, Eisner Awards (Keynote Speech), Room 20

Sat., July 19:

12-1:00pm, Spotlight on Neil Gaiman, Room 6A (Endless Nights, 1602, Wolves in the Walls, and a Big Announcement, or possibly not)

2:00-3:00pm, Autograph Signing, Autograph Area

9:30pm, "Son of the Last Angel Tour" CBLDF Reading, Room 8 (The previous San Diego ones were midnight readings, but I'm getting old. Will read the Susan story along with some other new stuff, and some old favourites... Tickets available from CBLDF booth all through the con.)

Sun., July 20:

12:30-1:30pm, CBLDF Panel, Room 7B

1:30-3pm, A Chat with Mr. Gaiman & Mr. McKean, Room 6A

Autograph session in the Autograph Area (with Gaiman & McKean,