Friday, July 11, 2003

Several things I left off the previous list...

dear neil,
thank you so much for that wonderful list of when everything is coming out, but you did forget one. you never mentioned when AT DEATH'S DOOR is coming out. I know that it should be soon, but i have been given different information from different people & places.
on another note, i am looking forward to MirrorMask and hoping against hope that NEVERWHERE will be done as a feature in the US. thank you so much for all your work.

pepper reed

I forgot At Death's Door. I suppose because I didn't write it -- or rather that the bits of it I wrote, I wrote 14 years ago... it's Jill Thompson's lovely black and white fantasia on other things that could have been happening while Season of Mists was going on. It's not canonical, it's, well, pure Jill. And very funny.

Hi Neil --

Was reading your journal this morning about books and things you have coming out this summer, just wanted to remind you that the Moore book (The Extraordinary Works of Alan Moore) we've done is being released at San Diego with your strip. I'll be there and I do hope to meet you.


Right. Mark Buckingham and I did a two page comic for George Khoury's book on Alan Moore. (I had failed to notice that there were in fact two, not one, books about Alan Moore out there -- the other one is Gary Spencer Millidge's book, already out, which had to be content with a poem about an imaginary city that Alan and I once invented, which is a companion piece to "When We Went to See the End of the World".)

I also gave George the contents of the files that would have been a book on Alan Moore I was asked to write in 1987. (In the end I didn't, mostly because I thought that a book about Douglas Adams was probably enough for me to have written, and it was time to go on to my own stuff. But there was some remarkable material in the files, by the time I decided that, including Alan's first published short story, and several unpublished Watchman period interviews.) I hope he made good use of it.