Thursday, July 03, 2003

My little blue world

In the studio next door to this little production office, Stephanie Leonidas is being kidnapped by rogue monkeybirds, and rescued by good monkeybirds (all called Bob, except for one called Malcolm). She's zooming across the blue studio on wires. She's currently screaming as well: I can hear her through the walls.

Today I did the MirrorMask DVD stuff -- I was interviewed all morning, then through the afternoon I interviewed most of the crew and one of the cast (Stephanie). Then while the cast and crew had lunch (5:30 pm lunches, as they start at 12:00pm and go until very late right now) I stood in front of a blue wall, and introduced people to places that don't yet exist outside of Dave McKean's mind.

And now it's 10:00pm and I'm finished for the night, still out at the studio (so I can get on line), and my daughters have gone to Paris for the night. And I am pooped.

There are a lot of messages from you lot waiting to be answered. Sooner or later they will be. Promise.