Monday, July 07, 2003

Cheerfully shilling for MirrorMask. Naming explained.

Entertainment Weekly will be running the very first still from MirrorMask in their issue that comes out this Friday, the 11th of July, along with a tiny interview with me: it's a full-page image in their First Look section, of Gina McKee as the enigmatic Dark Queen, and Stephanie Leonidas as Helena, our heroine. And for those of you who are wondering quite how Dave McKean this film looks... well, you'll see on Friday. (I can't get over how fast this occurred.)


I think all the travel has caught up with me, and I am going to try and sleep off an after-travelling sort of a headache. But this made me grin...

Dear Neil,

I've just gotten home with a copy of Murder Mysteries and enjoyed it a great deal.

There's a line in it though that sticks with me, "People named Tinkerbell name their daughters Susan."

I'm asked quite often what I plan on naming my children, or what it's like having an odd name... and you've just given me a phrase to use that seems to sum it all up very well.

Thanks :)


Genesis Eve Whitmore