Sunday, June 15, 2003

Tommy the Leprechaun dies. Organs are built.

Dear Neil,

I thought you might be interested in reading this article about the life and recent death of Tommy The Leprechaun, a long-time, well-known and loved fixture around the streets of Missoula, Montana.

--Matt Bear-Fowler

You know, when it started to get to paragraphs like "For the past decade, Tommy bounced around Montana. He spent some time in Bozeman and occasionally visited Butte, but seemed to stay mainly in Missoula. He reported one bizarre incident at a St. Patrick's Day festival in Butte where someone stole his clothes, which later turned up on the body of a murdered man. That incident has been confirmed, according to social workers who helped Tommy with his affairs in Missoula." I started to wonder if this was someone I'd written once and had just sort of forgotten about... What a strange, interesting, odd life.

This isn't really a FAQ, but I heard from a friend that a friend of hers met you at a comic book convention, and said you were in the ISO. I'm just curious, is that true, or is it just a rumour?

Well, I went to the Acronym Finder at and cannot figure out if I'm being asked if I'm a member of the International Organisation for Standardisation, the Imperial Symphony Orchestra or the International Society of Organbuilders ("Our motto! No Organ too big to be built!") So I remain in the dark...

Actually, the Organbuilders don't have a motto on their website. But if they did it would in English, French and German.


A few people asked about the wonderful, and in Internet Years, ancient and long forgotten, early Lord of the Rings movie, at as after I posted, it went down (probably from too many people clicking on it). But it's now back up, and Sam is singing "the Road goes ever on..." as I type this, so it's definitely working.