Wednesday, June 11, 2003

some faintly bemusing things

There's an article about first lines by John Walsh in the Independent online here. It has a little quiz in it, asking you to identify lots of first lines, including something it says is the first line of GOOD OMENS, by me and Terry Pratchett.

Only it's not the first line. The first line of Good Omens is "It was a nice day."

The online 20 Questions game seems unable to guess "death".

... is a funny, libellous and untrue interview with Alan Moore, that manages to take some fun shots at me, Warren Ellis and Stephen King along the way.

GMZoe send me a link to some gorgeous Fantasy Coffins from Ghana:

While a Sheila writes to say: Remembering how bemused you were by the "Return to Sender" casket, I thought you might also like to know that even if you can't find a theme-casket that strikes your fancy, you can always make one yourself:
The DIY Coffins Book suggested at the bottom of the page promises "Color photos illustrate every step in creating three coffins for pets and three for people. Several different box construction techniques are revealed."


Ps.The possibilities of combining this with faux-finishing effects, decoupage, stamping, and various other techniques are legion. The start of a new craft trend, perhaps?

I am amazed, and know not what to say.