Friday, June 20, 2003

Quick post for New Yorkers mostly

I'm sticking this one up for New Yorkers.

This Sunday the second annual MoCCA Arts Festival will celebrate the
robust state of American comics art. A benefit for New York's
Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art, the MoCCA Arts Festival is welcoming
a vast cross-section of the artists who have made comics the most
powerful medium in today's popular culture.

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund will help the festival celebrate by
hosting signings by Frank Miller, Jeff Smith, Santiago Cohen and Rich

The CBLDF signing schedule is:

1:00 pm -- Jeff Smith
3:00 pm -- Frank Miller
5:00 pm -- Santiago Cohen & Rich Tomasso.

CBLDF Members will also be able to get "Man With Pen in Head"
an ALL NEW mini-comic by Frank Miller that will ONLY
be available at the MoCCA Arts Festival! This mini-comic edition
will be strictly limited to a run of 100 numbered copies and will
only be available to CBLDF members. Be sure to bring your 2003 Jim
Lee membership card or sign up at the show to get your copy.

Also at MoCCA, the CBLDF will be releasing original art by revered
underground cartoonist Peter Bagge. To support the Fund's
casework, Bagge donated a small number of his original pencil & ink
roughs. From art scripts for Hate & Sweatshop to quirky character
designs for commercial works, these original pages are fantastic
artifacts from the mind of a bona fide underground comix master.

In addition to Fund guests you'll also be able to meet comix
luminaries including Art Spiegelman, Eddie Campbell, Howard Cruse,
Kim Deitch, Evan Dorkin, Phoebe Gloeckner, Justin Green, Megan Kelso,
Denis Kitchen, James Kochalka, Patrick McDonnell, Mike Mignola, Bill
Plympton, Ron Rege, Jr., Craig Thompson, Kurt Wolfgang, Brian Wood,
and more!

The MoCCA Arts Festival happens on Sunday June 22 from at The Puck
Building at 293 Lafayette Street in New York City from 11a.m. until
7p.m. For more information visit

I like the idea of doing a mini-thing for CBLDF members only.

(Also, you should know that in Peter Bagge's Sweatshop er, I think it's #4 or #5, he has me in it. I do a scarily pretentious reading for CBLDF, sign a young lady's breasts, and my trousers are set on fire. It's very funny and you should all buy it when it comes out.)