Friday, June 06, 2003

Posters to make people read books...


Not a FAQ, but an FYI. I'm not sure if DC had let you know or not, but ALA Graphics (a division of the American Library Association) teamed up with DC to create a beautiful Sandman library poster. If you'd like to pass on the info it can be found at our online store I'll be bringing you a copy of the poster to the Printer's Row Bookfair tomorrow.


How cool -- I'd heard from DC that the ALA were doing a poster, and had suggested to them that P. Craig Russell might be an excellent choice for an artist. The result looks wonderful. No idea whether it can be bought by the public or not... (Looks at site) It certainly looks like anyone can buy a poster. (They have some other really fun ones as well -- certainly a few that would make excellent gifts for a child or a school or a bookshop. Or just somebody who likes books. I'm rather fond of the stegosaurus in this one.)