Tuesday, June 10, 2003

No discernable theme or pattern here really.

Jill Thompson let me know that the Scary Godmother animated movie will get its premiere at San Diego. You can see a preview at the mainframe entertainment site.

Perhaps your "interesting" day has come and gone. David Letterman has, in fact, had authors with almost no other tie-ins, such as Sarah Vowell a few months ago. She isn't a poet, but did write a rather nice book called "The Partly Cloudy Patriot" and is a semi-regular on NPR's "This American Life." However, I believe her radio appearances were only part of her introduction, as I remember the interview to focus almost entirely on her, her life, and her book.

Which was why I said poet, really... I suppose I was thinking of those days when poets really were celebrities whose slim volumes sold by the cartload to people who wanted to read them...

I could phrase this as a question to avoid abuse of the function...did you know there was an Edinburgh Fringe show based on 3 Smoke and Mirrors stories? Haven't been able to find details of which stories yet, but the 'fairytales' mention gives a hint. The Fringe site is good but doesn't have many external links to companies. Should be interesting :)

I did know, but I've forgotten. If Duncan from Rascal Vanngang is reading this, send in a message and plug your show.


Coraline won a Bram Stoker award! So did Ramsey Campbell Probably, which I've plugged in this blog before.


And two very funny things which need language advisories -- Neal Pollack's interview with Hillary Clinton, and Gollum's MTV award acceptance speech. It's up at in a variety of sizes. (Thanks to Sarah for the info.)

Of course, for so many of us, this will always be the definitive Lord of the Rings. (It's 18.5 megs, so I've not linked to it directly. But if you just want to click and watch (or wait and watch) click here.