Friday, June 13, 2003

Neverwhere and Mirror Mask and the death of Takako Konishi

A&E are now taking preorders on the BBC Neverwhere DVD. It's a two DVD set. A note from my A&E mole says that the BBC master-tapes they got weren't closed captioned, so the DVDs aren't either, I'm afraid. But they do have plenty of extras.

Just watched some more of Mirror Mask over at Digital Dailies -- the first of the fantasy stuff, and I was so happy. As with Neverwhere, I find myself continually surprised at what the script has turned into when someone actually puts it onto film. The biggest difference I think is that what got onto the screen on the BBC's Neverwhere was so much less than I'd imagined, while Mirror Mask is so much more. Tonight I watched a girl walk into a dream...

There will be a Mirror Mask panel at San Diego, with me, Dave McKean, Lisa Henson and Mike Polis (from Hensons), and stuff will be screened. It's on the Friday afternoon, for anyone who wants to be there.

(Other San Diego Comicon info: outside of the usual panels and so on there will be a CBLDF reception on Thursday night. I'm doing the Eisner Awards keynote speech on the Friday night, and I'll be doing a reading as a CBLDF benefit on the Saturday night -- details on the CBLDF website soon.)


Here's a strange and haunting story about something that was reported as a "News of the Weird" item a few years ago: Japanese girl dies in Minnesota looking for the Fargo Millions. Only that wasn't why she died or what she was looking for:,4120,970908,00.html