Monday, June 02, 2003

just bits and bobs really.

Pinched from The Dreaming Website; is an article in English about comics in Prague, with a lovely bit at the end about the problems of translation. "It's like interpreting Baroque music," he says. "It will never sound like it did in the Baroque period. But you're also not performing it for Baroque listeners."

And here's one from Warsaw, in English: If memory serves, the event was a sort of afternoon comic convention (the reporter seems puzzled about all the comics questions), and while I've been compared to a lot of people in my life, Martin Short has so far not been on the list.

(On the other hand, lots of people have been sending in e-mails recently to let me know they've seen people who looked like me -- but weren't -- in the strangest places.)


And here's a fun article: (Harlan is the only person who has a copyright notice in the MAMMOTH BOOK OF THRILLING TALES because he was the only person who, sensibly, made a fuss about it. The rest of us assumed the copyright information would just be on the book, and correct.)

STARDUST will be coming out soon in a mass market paperback edition, with a cover that is meant to look like an old brass-bound diary. It's a good idea, but I'm not sure it works. On the other hand, here's a nice reproduction of the cover of THE WOLVES IN THE WALLS. Both of them found while trying (and failing) to find the covers of the new, trade paperback Perennial editions of Neverwhere and American Gods online. (No, the mass market editions won't go away. But there are too many places now that don't sell mass market sized paperbacks.)

And I forgot to mention that I ran into Chris Moore at BEA. Chris Moore writes very funny books, and one day we will have time to spend an evening together talking about pushing words around, and how the little buggers never do what you tell them to.