Friday, May 23, 2003

A thousand dreams that would await me...

Got up at crack of dawn and took train to the UK. Attended the cast reading of Mirror Mask. It was really wonderful. People laughed at the jokes and our two stars were outstanding, and Dave McKean's storyboards could be published tomorrow and drop jaws. They start shooting in less than two weeks, and I think this is going to be such an amazing film. People compare Coraline to a contemporary Alice in Wonderland, and it's not, whereas Mirror Mask kind of is.

Worked with Dave McKean on the script this afternoon and evening and night until I couldn't see straight and stumbled up to hotel room -- I'm flying home tomorrow after a month and a day on the road, and am right now more tired than I can easily remember.

Learned that Coraline is nominated for the Mythopoeic Award for best children's fiction.