Thursday, May 15, 2003

Least Gratuituous use of the word Belgium in this journal.

Info for the French, Belgians, somewhat adventurous Dutch, at least two very adventurous Germans and possibly even some masochistically adventurous Poles: I just got a final final French schedule through.

The Tropisme in Belgium signing information is:

Tuesday 20 :

Morning in Lille
12h30- 14h : Signings at � Le Furet du nord � 15 place G�n�ral de Gaulle � 59800 LILLE (confirmed)
End of afternoon : Brussels
17h30 : Signings at bookstore �Tropisme�, Galerie de Princes 11, 1000 Bruxelles.


Also there's now only one Paris signing on Wednesday afternoon: 17 h30 � 19h30 : Bookstore Fnac Saint-Lazare � 109 rue Saint Lazare � 75009 Paris. Which should make Wednesday afternoon much more sane.