Monday, May 12, 2003

"I'm a peer!" Splash. "You're a very short pier, Neddie."

Yes folks, it's that time of the month again, the day you can set your watch by every 31 days - Brighton Pier Flagration Day!,3604,953927,00.html
You really have to ask at this point if there's anything left to burn; it's beginning to get ridiculous. Are the plinths spontaneously combusting? Should the Brighton City Council re-think patching it up with the customary oily rags and newspaper this time? Stay tuned!

- B. Bolander

Sigh. It seems such an odd thing to do, burn down Brighton Pier, either professionally or recreationally. Still, whenever it happens I'll mention it in this blog. As long as people keep telling me.

I said I'd mention IDLEWILD, a first novel by Nick Sagan. It's a first novel I was sent to read by my old friend editor Jennifer Hershey, who thought I'd enjoy it. And she was right. It's what I was reading for last 6 weeks -- and is, believe it or not, (given how long it took me to finish turning the pages,) that rare beast for a first novel, a genuine page turner. (It's just I've been -- and succeeded in being -- really strict on myself for reading time over the last few months). I finally got to finish it in Portugal. It was absolutely fun, like a rollercoaster ride of fusion fiction: starts out like Nine Princes in Amber meets the Matrix, and as it goes on it turns, all recombinant, into several something else agains. At the end I wasn't sure that it had all worked entirely as intended, but it was gripping and the kind of book you simply don't want to stop reading, and on reflection the things that frustrated me tended to be places where I wanted more, which is not a bad complaint to have about a first novel.

(It was also a book I was recommended a couple of times recently by people in Hollywood who knew my taste and who were looking at it for a movie.)

Neil, I sent my mom an "other mother's" day e-card from but it never got there. I sent one to myself to see if it was working and still haven't gotten it. Also, when you preview the card, it only shows what you would see of the text if you couldn't scroll down through the rest of it, so maybe that doesn't work even if the e-card arrives. I think i'm going to be alright, but my mom might never forgive me so I'd appreciate it if you posted this so my mom could see the misunderstanding. thanks


Dear Frank's Mum

please can you let Frank off not having sent you a Mother's Day card. He did really, only it's still wending its way through cyberspace, on a particularly long wend. Do not blame Frank. Forgive him. He tried his best.



There. How's that? (I let Victoria, the mousecircus webmistress know, and got an e-mail back saying

Thanks so much, Neil. We're actually in the process of looking into this problem - my designer and the hosting agency are investigating the problem and I'll get back to you asap.

I do apologise for the glitch but we are onto it!



so it sounds like it's getting fixed.)

Dear Neil, When is Sandman: Endless Nights coming out? I've been waiting forever it seems like & I am always patiently awaiting your next work but sandman holds a special place in my heart :)

September. Come hell or high water. (I have to write the introduction to it this week. It'll be odd, writing my own introduction. Maybe I'll write a contradiction instead. It worked for A. A. Milne.) We're just waiting for the last two pages from Glenn Fabry, the last three from Bill Sienkiewicz...

And in answer to the pocket watch battery question....

Hello Mr. Gaiman.
I've very much enjoyed reading your writing over the years. It's been very inspiring.
I really didn't ever see the need to write to the FAQ before (seeing as how I'm sure you've been asked EVERYTHING at one time or another and the answers are on here somewhere).
However, I did see that someone wrote a question about the Sandman 10th anniversary fob watch. I happen to have one (and I love it). Mine didn't come with instructions either. I took it to a watch shop and they popped the back off and put in a battery. It's like any other standard pocket watch, they told me. I hope this helps answer that question a bit.
Have a wonderful week.