Friday, May 02, 2003

Curiously, nothing at all in here about my antepenultimate day in Portugal...

I thought I'd remind people that today is freecomicbookday. Go get free comics.

The Dante's Inferno test is down. Too many people needing to find out which pit they're heading for...

Hi Neil, I read you were going to be at the Chicago Tribune printers row book fair in June. Is this true? What will you be doing there?

Yes, it's very true. I'm not quite sure what I'll be doing -- probably reading something, and answering questions and signing stuff. Actually, that's what I'll definitely be doing. I just have no idea what I'll be reading.

Hi Neil,

Is it possible you were at the Filmmuseum in the Vondelpark in Amsterdam last week? Because if you did, you were in real danger of getting pestered by a big fan of yours sitting just two feet from you and you had the extraordinary luck that I refused to believe the evidence of my eyes.
I spent three days in Holland with my wife (we're from Cologne/Germany, which is quite near to Amsterdam) and we were drinking a coffee in the Filmmuseum when I realised that the guy sitting at the next table looked a lot like Neil Gaiman (similar face, black T-shirt and leather jacket).
I dismissed the idea as ridiculous (what are the odds I'd run into one of my favorite authors accidentially in Holland?), but couldn't quite get it out of my head. So I had a look at the Journal section a minute ago and saw that you actually were in Amsterdam on that day. And that you bought a mobile phone - ...I seem to recall the guy next table having that kind of box at his feet...

So, basically, I'm just writing this because I can't believe that I maybe had the chance to speak to Neil Gaiman (don't worry - would have been just a quick "I admire your work and I've read everything you've written and what's Alan Moore like, anyway?"-kind-of-thing).
So this e-mail is supposed to exorcise the feeling of a missed opportunity (DAMN!) if it was truly you I saw.

Thanks for reading and take care,

Oh, that was me on my first day in Amsterdam. You must have been the person at the table behind reading the Bryan Talbot graphic novel. You're welcome. Alan Moore's very hairy and wise, half lion and half yeti. He also smiles exactly like Maxwell the Magic Cat. (I failed to find any Maxwell on line, with a quick Google, so here's Alan's marvellous parody of Frank Miller's Daredevil instead.)

hello Neil. I've just come back to my senses (well, almost) after realizing you'd be at Torino's annual Fiera del Libro [(long book festival URL snipped here)not sure how I missed that piece of information when it was first posted. I guess I'm just used to my favourite artists to never come around or close to where I live. so yay.

now I guess 'will there be a signing in my town''s a question you get frequently (too frequently, perhaps), but, specifically since the official Fiera website indicates your appearence as a 'Presentation of the Coraline book', I was wondering if there'd be a reading, a signing or even one flimsy chance to say 'hi' and shake hands and tell you 'you're keen' [btw: you're keen].
I have a neverwhere paperback that I'd love you to sign, because it's the first book of yours I've read &it was sent to me from a friend over-the-ocean &I think it one of the neatest things ever when someone reads a book &forwards it to you.
additionally -- &here comes my second question -- I was wondering: regardless whether there'd be a signing at the Torino event or not, would you normally sign a something like, say, a CD booklet from an artist that isn't exactly you though related to you? (okay, I'm thinking of UtPink booklet, under the spacedog page. you know...).

I'm looking forward to seeing you. [crossesfingers]. I hope I typed about everything here right or semi-right. apologies if I didn't.

thank you muchly for being out there,

It's a good bet that there will be a talk of some kind. Whether I do a reading or not probably depends on how many people in the audience speak English and won't be bored. And if there isn't an official signing (although I'm sure there will be, it's a book festival, they always have signings) then find me at the end of the talk and I'll happily scribble on your Neverwhere and Tori CD booklet.

Hi Neil,

Not a question, but I thought that this might by up your street, or down your alley, or even through your passage...

Lots of images and information about the lost parts of New York.

All the best,

John Innes

Oh, that's a nice site. Looking forward to spending more time browsing it, not on a hotel dial-up line.