Thursday, May 01, 2003

Almost definitely not nude faerie mud-wrestling

I was asked if I could come down to the Sedona Arizona Faerieworlds Festival on May the 10th, and had to say no, I couldn't, for I would be in Poland on that day.
But it looks very fun indeed -- Brian and Wendy Froud were both very excited about it. My favourite bit of the conversation with them about it -- "...of course Toby's going to be there. He'll be on bouncy stilts. In drag. With Madonna breasts..."

There's a video for the event and lots of info at the site.

Lots of music and crafts and performances and such, including "Mudfaeries" who probably aren't tiny near-naked ladies with wings wrestling in mud, but that's where my mind went. Then again, with Toby Froud on bouncy stilts in drag, anything's possible.