Thursday, April 03, 2003
We're currently at 50 universities (49 in the US and one in Germany). So you know. Make that 51, another just came in. (I'd better think of somewhere that I can put all your e-mails about University courses in Sandman or Violent Cases or Smoke and Mirrors or whatever, because they'll make for an impossibly large post if I try and put them up here...)

Hi Neil,

What should I name my band?


I'm afraid this website can no longer, sight unseen, name kittens or bands. The service has been discontinued due to complaints from spouses and bandmates.


I wrote a song today for Chris Ewen (Future Bible Heroes). Actually I've been jotting down lines for it for weeks, but today I assembled them, with a sort of lapidary care, to make them fit the rather unpredictable piece of music which Chris originally gave me to use on A SHORT FILM ABOUT JOHN BOLTON. The song is for Chris's upcoming album of songs with lyrics not by Stephin Merritt for once, but by the likes of Kelly Link and Peter Straub and, well, me. There's something about the idea of having something I wrote sung by Claudia Gonson that makes me nervous, but it's a good sort of nervous. And the Future Bible Heroes have a new EP coming out, called The Lonely Robot, and a website with lots of photos on it. And here's a link to this Onion piece on why you should buy Eternal Youth, their last CD (in the photo Chris is in the middle; Claudia's on the right -- and is the girl -- and Stephin's on the left).

Because the music/lyric relationship is sort of unusual, I phoned Chris and sang it to him over the phone. He did not laugh, which probably puts him on the fast track to sainthood.