Saturday, April 19, 2003

Well, if I said "Fuck I got a Nebula" it was only in context of explaining that I was not saying "Fuck I got a Hugo." But I've got a Nebula. Fu--

I scribbled down some notes toward a speech, and then missed all the thank yous out accidentally, but I did not say "Fuck I got a Nebula". I made a proper speech. I was given the Nebula award for best novel by the Science Fiction Writers of America and I made a proper speech, and Mike and Holly were there, and life is good.

(Holly just read that over my shoulder. "You did actually say 'Fuck I got a Nebula' you know," she said.)

I just checked Locus Online -- there's a report, a photograph of the Nebula winners, all that. You can even see my more-or-less-not-much-of-a-tan.

Out of here and back on the road at the crack of a bit after dawn tomorrow, and I see that Jonathan Carroll has helpfully sent me a link to

Tonight we ate at Morimoto's. Not quite Roadfood...

i am writing an essay on the influence of the fairy tale in your work, with specific reference to Snow Glass Apples an wondered if you would be kind enough to give me a quote on the influence of the fairy tale on your work, Please.

You should be able to find lots of quotes by me if you search for "snow glass apples" on this site (and failing that, just do a google search for "Snow glass apples" gaiman interview and read whatever you find...) Best of luck.