Tuesday, April 15, 2003
This in from Mark Askwith:

Just so I am not just known for elf panties...
Here's a Neilish thing!

And it's a marvellous strange account of an epidemic of "pitting" that led many to start speculating about radioactive particles, or even a tiny meteorite storm in the Seattle area in 1954.

Of course, despite any efforts on my part to whitewash his reputation, Mark will forever be known for elfpanties, which reminds me that someone helpfully sent a link to the Reverend Jen's current home on the web, at There is nowhere else that you'll read things like "In my essay Teletubbies- A Reason to Live, I list many of the reasons why I have embraced the Teletubby phenomenon wholeheartedly..." or get a simple, at a glance chart to how to tell different brands of Troll apart (although as Jen stresses, it's not the brand of Troll but how much you love them that matters). It's a lovely site -- Zen Kitsch.

Right. Back to essay for the Charles Vess edited Locus Graphic Novels Supplement.