Thursday, April 03, 2003
Since you are so approachable with your legions, I was wondering if you have found that other writers are that cool, or are there some who must be avoided at all costs? The reason that I ask is I have an opportunity to hear Harlan Ellison next week, and would hate to approach him, book and pen in hand, only to have him jam my favorite nib into my eye. (I don't think that would actually happen, but it's nice to get some gossip on other writers).

Shalene Shimer

Harlan certainly has a contentious reputation, but in my experience, as a friend of his and as a fellow guest at conventions, if you're polite to him he will be a perfect gentleman back. If you try and provoke a reaction from him, you may get one, or he may simply decide to ignore you for evermore. But good manners will get you a very long way with Harlan.

I'm trying to think of any "authors to be avoided at all costs" I've run into over the years, and I'm not really coming up with anyone. Mostly, we're a pretty nice bunch.


We're up to 64 universities at present, unless i've miscounted, and more universities and courses are still flooding in...