Thursday, April 03, 2003
Please please please I'm doing a project about you for school and I cannot find ANY information about your childhood, adolescence, or basically anything about your personal life. I can't just talk about your career, it has to include your background, inspirations, influences, etc. Please help!

Well, there are many hundreds of interviews out there, but the best and quickest source for much of that stuff is the Dreaming website, at, where Puck and Lucy Anne have assembled an incredible resource of all that kind of thing. I did a quick look for the page to point you to, and it looks like the link at the site is broken right now, so I found a google cache of the relevant page.

Some of the works mentioned are linked to from the article. Others aren't -- but look in your school library. Many schools have the various Gale Research volumes, Something about the Author and the rest of them.

The google cache refernce is here:,21890,.asp