Wednesday, April 23, 2003

No longer looking as much like a sheepdog...

So yesterday I did all the things I'd put off until I could get in to Minneapolis, including get my hair cut, test-drive and order a Mini, and go into DreamHaven books on Lake Street to sign some books for them (including the Arne Svenson book of photos of Sock Monkeys for which I wrote a sort of poem) to put up on the website they do.

I also handed over the Nebula -- The Lynlake DreamHaven has a showcase containing all the awards American Gods has won, mostly because I had always wondered what a Hugo looked like, what a Nebula looked like, and suspected that if I'd wondered then other people had too, and they'd probably give more people more pleasure being seen than they would on my mantel.

Took Maddy with and we did it all together, as I'll now not see her for a month. Sigh. Woke up this morning bright and early in the spring sunshine, followed immediately by a pang of despair at actually getting everything I have to get done before I leave for Europe done today, and a moment of missing everyone without actually having left yet. I fly out at 8.00 tonight, and will be gone for a month.