Wednesday, April 02, 2003
Living in America, one occasionally hears about the orange and yellow alert levels, normally accompanied by suggestions that one should also buy duct tape and water. I'd wondered what a Red Alert meant. Luckily, this article explains what a Red Alert means, at least in New Jersey: A red alert would also tear away virtually all personal freedoms to move about and associate.


And my favourite quote of the day is from Steve Brust,in an interview over at Quantum Muse:

QM: Does most of the S/F and Fantasy world take itself too seriously or not seriously enough?

SKZB: How seriously you take yourself, at least as a writer, is exactly how seriously you have to take yourself in order to turn out your best book. Some need to believe they are writing literature for the ages, or else they get sloppy. Others need to believe they are writing throw-away crap, otherwise they freeze up and can't do the work. As for the fans, well, I once heard an interviewer ask Jerry Garcia how he felt about all of these Deadheads putting all of their time, energy, and money into the Grateful Dead. He said, "Where do you think my time, energy, and money goes?" That's about how I feel. I put a lot of effort into this stuff, and it would be really small and silly of me to be upset or contemptuous because other people put effort into digging out what I've put in there. It is very gratifying. It pleases the hell out of me