Friday, April 04, 2003
I've reached Walt Disney World with two young ladies (aged respectively 8 and 17) and the 17 year old is trying to sleep and the 8 year old wants to know how she can keep herself amused while waiting for a room service fruit plate and hot chocolate to be delivered. And there are lots of FAQ thingies waiting (I've actually posted a few replies over in the FAQ section), several more universities (I've now officially lost count), a few more high schools and high school teachers wanting to be considered...

And then there are the flirting Disney characters...

For example:

dear neil-
i also had a strange experience at disney world. my younger sister & i (she was 19 & i was 21) went to have our pictures taken with eeyore. while my sister was taking the picture of me, eeyorekept grabbing me. he even put his hand on my butt. i then took a picture of my sister with him. afterwords she said he had done the same thing to her. it is no wonder that small children cry when they see those costume characters. they are definately twisted.

Not to mention...

Dale of the Rescue Rangers was definantly flirting with me when my family went to Disney World. We were having dinner in that rotating resturant, I forget what it's called. Anyway, characters were visiting all the tables and hugging people. I got multiple hugs from Dale. My whole family noticed.


and here's one from inside the costume...

Well, I guess it makes some kind of sense that there is a former Disney "Cast Member" that played Mickey Mouse in a previous life and happens to be a die hard fan of your work. By the way, by previous life I do mean more than a decade ago when I was in college. For the record, I flirted shamelessly as Mickey, the kind of subtle flirting you can get away with when you are not allowed to speak, which was the only way to make the process somewhat bearable. As bad as that may sound Mickey is never the worse. Pooh, on the other hand, is the biggest flirt of all.

By the way, if you post this please do not post any identifying info. Even though the list is probably longer than people think, there are only so many people that have played Mickey over time and I could get in some serious legal trouble.

So hopefully this clarifies/intensifies the Mickey flirting inquiry.

Have a great weekend and enjoy Disney,
{please don't post my name}

and, finally, one that has rather less to do with Disney. Unless they decide to introduce the Schrodinger's Cat character (I suppose there would be a 50/50 chance the person inside the costume is Dead...)


I present to you the Interactive Schroedinger's Cat, quite possibly the best explanation I've ever encountered.



August C. Bourr�

It really is interactive, too. And cute.