Monday, April 14, 2003
Hi Neil!
This might be a funny thing to say, but apparently you're wrong about where you'll be on April 26th. a bookstore in Utrecht (in The Netherlands, just to clarify that) called Broese has posted quite a few notices saying that you'll be there from 1600 till 1700 to sign my, er, people's books.

So, either they are full of crapola or you will indeed not be at the Elf Fantasy Fair on the 26th of April, at least not the full day.

Hmmm.... I tried to figure it out from but failed, leaving me with nothing but mysteries -- do I have two half hour readings and two half hour signings each day, and then will I be spirited off to sign my way across the Netherlands? And is my nose really that big?

I'll try and find out.