Saturday, April 05, 2003
Hi! I have a thing where I really like to hear authors and especially poets reading their own work. You probably won't be coming to do a reading near me (Princeton, NJ) anytime soon, and I have (alas) no money, as poor high school students without jobs tend to. Consequently, I was wondering if you knew of anyplace online off the top of your head where I could find a soundclip of decent quality of you reading something you've written. I know that you're transplanted from England, but your writing feels very American in my head, and I'd like to fix that. Thanks a lot!

Well, over at's website, you can pick up WARNING: CONTAINS LANGUAGE, a double CD of me reading stuff. And pretty much anywhere you can get the HarperCollins3 CD set of me reading CORALINE, and you can hear me reading some of it over at the site. A new CD of me reading short stuff will be out this year. And on this website there's some audio over at -- and pretty soon we should get the readings that used to be up at the website up over there as well.