Wednesday, April 16, 2003
Dear Mr Gaiman

I just get the program from the french festival Etonnants Voyageurs, which will be in St Malo (not very far from Broceliande) from 7 to 9 in june, and apparently your presence is annonced.
Just one question : are you really coming ?
(hope yes hope yes)

Christophe Duchet

No, I'm afraid not. I'm leaving France on the 23rd of May -- I have to go to the Los Angeles Book Expo America at the end of May, and on the dates you list I'm in Chicago, doing something for the Humanities Festival. Not sure how the Etonnants Voyageurs would have me announced as coming, but it's definitely an error.

Hi Neil--
I'm lucky enough to work in the book industry, and lucky enough to live in the Philadelphia area where the Nebula awards are being held this weekend, in a year you happen to be nominated. I am also lucky enough to have a great Harper rep who was able to get me tickets to the awards banquet Saturday night. My question is, will you be there? I was not able to attend BEA last year, nor will I be attending this year in LA, which is unfortunate as that Saturday is "Graphic Novel Day" and you are giving a presentation/lecture. Your signings in the Philly area seem few and far between, and the last time I checked with my rep you had yet to make a commitment. I have been a huge fan for about 5 years or so now, it all started when a friend of mine I worked with lent me the Sandman series. Anyway, I hope to meet you one day, if not at the awards (it WOULD be a great excuse to visit the Philly area....)

Thanks for reading, and I hope you respond,


I hadn't planned to be there, but it now looks like I'm going to be in Philadephia on Saturday anyway, as Holly has decided she wants a final look at Bryn Mawr. Being in the area, I expect I'll be at the Nebulas, partly because my agent has pointed out very firmly that if I'm at the Nebulas then she won't have to wear a posh frock just in case she has to accept an award on my behalf, and partly because Harry Harrison is going to be there, and I've not seen Harry for over a decade, and mostly because I've never had a novel nominated for a Nebula before, and probably never will again, so win or lose it'll be good to be there and hear its name called out.