Wednesday, April 09, 2003
The Bram Stoker Awards final ballot is up at Locus Online: News Log, April 2003 and Coraline is nominated twice -- for Long Fiction and for Work For Younger Readers. I already have two Stoker Awards (Harlan tells me they should be called Ushers, after the House of, but awards are odd things and names stick to them or they don't), so am happy just to have been nominated.

You can listen to the audio play that Larry Santoro wrote and directed, that was performed at the last World Horror Convention, of Gene Wolfe's haunting story "The Tree Is My Hat" at until May 6th 2003. Gahan Wilson is the host, and the actors are P.D. Cacek, Liz Mandville Greeson, Gary Simmers, Steve Scholz and John Librizzi. And me.