Friday, March 14, 2003
You know, I should do a photo gallery or something here of the collection of Strange Bunnies I've been sent ever since I asked Windy Lewis to start the Bunny of the Month Club and sign me up as the charter member. Every month I am made happy... Last month's was a centaur bunny. The one before that was a snow white bunny with one huge yellow eyeball, which would pull out from its body on a string with a horrendous ratcheting noise, and then slowly pull itself back. There's the bunny with the single ear and a lightbulb inside its head, and the Baba Yaga bunny with chicken legs, and a gorgeous mismatched patchwork bunny who reminds me of Delirium. They arrive wrapped in cloth, with mysterious notes and, on occasion, props, inside sealed-up coffee cans, to ensure that they don't get damaged on route, and they never do. From this, we can deduce that Windy (a) has a unique imagination, (b) understands packaging and (c) drinks a lot of coffee.

It's the perfect gift for the person who has everything except really disturbing monthly bunnies. (And Windy's ordering instructions, at, are hilarious, as she explains what you get at different price points...

* The Fine Print

$35 is the full Bunny Club membership. You get your choice of bunnies, bears, or some of each (e.g., �I want 5 months: 3 bunnies and 2 bears�), and they are the very best efforts I produce, mailed Priority Mail, possibly in �special� packaging.

You can opt for a lower priced option, down to as low as $5. You may choose any amount between $5 and $35, and prepay the number of months you desire.

Examples of what you can expect for different costs:

� $25�Still Priority Mail, you may get bunnies, bears, even a cow or a penguin. Still very keen animals. They will not be packed in weird materials or unusual boxes.

� $15�Still Priority Mail, these may well not have any arms, or be a shade of pink I didn�t really like all that much.

� $10�Definitely looking like leftovers cobbled together, may have one ear, the bottom half of a fish, or may be perfectly normal except for the weapon.

� $5�By the cheapest possible method, I will send you some mismatched eyes, or maybe a torso, or a set of arms. Who can say

And that from someone whose website includes a page of art for sale that ranges from an Alien Duck to batskull earrings to the evocatively but accurately named Things in Jars.)