Tuesday, March 18, 2003
Writers get freedom to drive sheep through Liverpool blares the Guardian headline.

At last! I thought. Those bloody shepherds have had it their own way for too damn long. It's about time that writers got the right to drive sheep through the streets of Liverpool.

Turns out that it's not all writers, though. According to the article, it's only five liverpudlian writers.

I wonder if Beryl Bainbridge and Carla Lane have their own sheep, or if the council provides them. Oh well. While they're waiting for their sheep to come in they can ride back and forth on the Mersey Ferry for free.

Hi Neil...
I'm sure that your inbox is filled with more FAQ messages than there are books in Lucien's library, but I just read this news story and thought you'd like it:

That's wonderful. Although it makes me want to write my Australian megafauna story, and I know it'll be a while before I can get to it. (Sigh.)

Please read me.

Right. I've sent this little idea to you twice before, only to have it either lost in the shuffle or ignored. However, since I'm convinced it's good - or at least interesting - I'm going to try and be clever: I'll send it again, but this time I'll write 'please read me' at the top of the message...

If you send something in and it's not posted here, it's still been read. Honestly it has. On a normal day somewhere between thirty and a hundred messages come in on the FAQ line. On a wild day it can be two or three hundred. Posting them all and replying to them would be a full-time job. The ones that get up do it mostly by whim, or luck. Most messages remain sadly unanswered. (But not unread.)

(Your screensaver idea was a fun one, by the way, and I've forwarded it to DC Comics...)