Thursday, March 06, 2003
On the good side, it looks like we've fixed the archives problem -- they're all there, including the elusive June 2002, and they all load all the way to the end. Or they do before I put this post up.

On the not-so-good side it looks like we have a different problem going on with site searches. Trying to find the Green Hand anecdote (it's Sept 7th 2002, it turns out, for whever was interested) I typed various relevant words in to the post, and nothing whatsoever came up. I tried site searches on Google in case the site was directing it to the whong places for the search, and again, got nothing. So it looks as if Google itself isn't finding half the site, possibly in an act of petty and base revenge for my having failed to capitalise it consistently. (Joke, son. That's a joke I say.)

I think I'll answer a FAQs over at the FAQ blogger, to test that out.