Tuesday, March 04, 2003
My editor at Harper e-mailled me to let me know that Coraline made the editors' list at SF Site ( and the readers' list (

This isn't really a question, but maybe an answer. I couldn't find another place on the site (okay, I'm lazy and didn't look exhaustively) to write, so here is my attempt to help. :)

I noticed the queries on where to find scholarly articles about you, and since that's what I do for a living (I am a scholar) I looked you up in the MLA database (which any researcher should do if they haven't already-- it's easy, just go to the research librarian and ask for the directions to the databases) and the Academic Search Premier. I found a couple of "hits" on articles published about you-- one, obviously, is an interview, and I guess one of them is by you.... But these might be helpful; you can send folks to find these, and perhaps there are good things to be found on these authors' biblographies, as well.

Morehouse, Lyda. Neil Gaiman. Science Fiction Chronicle: the Monthly Science Fiction & Fantasy Newsmagazine. 20(5 (202)):7, 42. 1999 May

Khoury, George. Gaijin Mononoke: An Interview with Neil Gaiman Creative Screenwriting. 6(6):63-65. 1999 Nov-Dec

Neil Gaiman: Of Monsters and Miracles. Locus. 42(4 (459)):4, 66-68. 1999 Apr

Neil Gaiman's "A Midsummer Night's Dream": Shakespeare Integrated into Popular Culture.; By: Lancaster, Kurt., Journal of American & Comparative Cultures, Fall2000, Vol. 23 Issue 3, p69, 9p

Good idea, and thanks...

I think all but the last are probably interviews with me - but a quick google showed the last one is online at

And for those reading this blog in distant lands, I just got sent the complete list of countries and publishers who are publishing (or will be publishing) CORALINE:

USA: HarperChildrens
UK: Bloomsbury
France: Albin Michel
Italy: Mondadori
Holland: Luitingh-Sijthoff
Spain: Salamandra
Japan: Kadokawa
Germany: Arena
Portugal: Presenca
Sweden: BonnierCarlsen
Norway: Aschehoug
Denmark: Host and Son
Finland: Otava
Iceland: Edda
Poland: MAG
Czech Rep.: Polaris
Bulgaria: Bardon
Russia: Eksmo
Greece: Oxy
Brazil: Rocco
Israel: Opus
Taiwan: Crown
Thailand: Matichon
Korea: Gimmyoung
Serbia: Laguna
Estonia: Tiritamm