Monday, March 17, 2003
Lots of people writing in to point out other nice literary female deaths. (I'm not quite sure that Charles de Lint's counts, since the story in question was written for the "Sandman: Book of Dreams" before DC Comics changed their minds about the Work For Hire issue, prompting Charles, Jane Yolen, Martha Soukup and Harlan Ellison to take their stories elsewhere).

I've gone off to convalesce. This should be a lot like being home only with additional sun and lots of walking and swimming and getting fit again, and also some sleeping. This is at least the plan, although two minutes after I got here the hailstorm and driving rain started (I put a much-bigger-than-a-golfball size hailstone in the freezer). And I'll write things too. I've brought pens.

(The only nice side effect of having been so ill is that I lost about a stone -- that's about 14 pounds or 7 kg, and all my trousers are no-longer-tight.)

Several hundred FAQ messages in. I'll try and get to a few tonight.