Saturday, March 29, 2003
I've started worrying that the war is becoming entertainment, or at least the way it's being presented is. On each channel tonight, lots of clever on-screen graphics, lots of people who don't know what they're talking about giving the kind of general opinions that can't be proved or disproved. This article from Sue Arnold in the Independent made me feel less alone:

Am currently writing an afterward to the next Steve Brust/Paarfi novel. It appears to be a book review of a many volumed book attacking the supposed author of the Paarfi books, and the sentences are convoluted things that rarely come in under 100 words. It's really fun, reviewing a non-existent book attacking a non-existent author, in a florid and antique style.

(Patrick Nielsen Hayden thought I should write the afterword like a Nigel Molesworth essay, but he is uterly wet and a weed who sa "gaiman you are the only person in the hole WORLD who sa blogger when he mean blog allow me to explane wot I mean at length hem hem" so chiz to him.)

And our bizarre but oracular word for today is gyromancy - 1557, from M.L. gyromantia, from Gk. gyyros "circle" + manteia "divination, oracle." "A method of divination by walking in a circle till the person fell down from dizziness, the inference being drawn from the place in the circle at which he fell."