Tuesday, March 25, 2003
I'm glad to see you mention on your blog recently. I've been using the site for a couple years now, my only complaint - it dosn't have a copy of The Saragossa Manuscript. Any idea if the text is available online? The only copies I've been able to locate are far too expensive to meet my budget.

I'm surprised you can't find a reasonable copy -- there are some relatively cheap editions out there and still in print. I recommend the Penguin Classics edition (here's an link to it and here's an Amazon canada link) and the Daedaulus Press 'Tales From the Saragossa Manuscript -- Ten Days in the Life of Alphonse Van Worden' is in print as well, ( link here). The latter contains a fascinating foreword by Brian Stableford explaining why some people believe that only the first ten days of the Manuscript are genuine, and the rest of it a mysterious forgery, and is worth reading even if you wind up disagreeing with his conclusions.