Sunday, March 09, 2003
I stole this link from Teresa Nielsen Hayden's marvellous blog: What They Didn't Teach Us In Library School. The most recent one is:

How to respond when a member of the public approaches the Reference Desk and makes the following statement:

"Excuse me, but there's a naked man prancing about in the gents' toilets."

and the one before that,

That a reader would come in and ask to borrow a shed. 'Because you are always so helpful I thought you might have one.' AND they wanted to take it away, not just store something in ours.

And they just keep going...


Hi Neil

Yesterday's Independent had a review of the Coraline audiobook:

Best wishes



They're right -- Dawn's reading really is absolutely marvellous.

I guess you really can�t send a written reply to the address: "to the Swedish young Lady Anneli Holm who writes a completely no-logic adress the author Neil Gaiman and gets away with it" but does Neil ever personally reply on letters not sent by any other reason than to say "you ruined my writing dreams but go on and keep startle little Swedish gilrs because WE LIKE IT"...? Take good care now!/ Anneli

I always used to answer fan-mail. And I don't not answer fan-mail. There are several large boxes filled with fan-mail I really and truly plan to answer. Part of the problem is that my time is finite. There's only one of me, and if it gets written, I wrote it.

(It's probably also fair to say that this journal now exists in the time that I used to give to fan-mail. I send a lot fewer postcards, but answer a lot more questions.)

Anyway, sooner or later I'll get a quiet day or so, and I'll settle down and write a few hundred postcards.