Wednesday, March 05, 2003 is the long list for the Carnegie Medal. And Coraline is on it. I hope it makes the shortlist.

Two Plays For Voices has been nominated for two AUDIE awards, and Coraline has been nominated for best children's audio. They, like the Book Sense awards, will be handed out at BEA in Los Angeles.

Had a long chat with Julia Bannon about getting the archives fixed -- we're not sure whether it's our fault or Bloggers, but it's being investigated...

And New Stuff is now going up in the EXCLUSIVE section of the website -- now that we've changed hosts, Julia can simply go in and put content up, so you'll find a piece of Lovecraftian Juvenilia up there now (fan fiction? absolutely. It was published in 1986, but written in 1981 or '82), and essays I've done for convention books on people like Dave McKean and Terry Pratchett should start going up this week as well.

Dear Mr. Gaiman,
Sorry to bother you but some friends and I were wondering what ever happened to your 'John Balton' screening that was supposed to happen at the end of March, here in L.A.? Is it still happening? If so, is it open to the public or will people have to pull non-existant connections to see it?
Much Thanks,

Hi Hayley

it's been postponed for a while, because I was told to stop travelling so much while I recovered from being ill. As soon as there are dates, I'll post them here, along with how to get tickets. They'll be first come first served, but you'll hear about it here first. Promise.