Thursday, March 27, 2003 is a link to an art spiegelman "In the Shadow of No Towers". art's been working on these for a while -- they're powerful and moving. I'm pleased they'll be getting out to a wider audience.


So, alert readers of this journal may remember that my daughter Holly has been looking at colleges. She's just had in a slew of acceptances (yay Holly!), and is currently trying to make up her mind between her two preferred colleges of the bunch, viz. and to wit, Bryn Mawr and Smith. And I'm sure that in the next few days she'll decide which one she's going to.

Her sister Maddy also has strong opinions on the subject.

"I think," Maddy said, "That she should go to Smith. Because I like the name Smith, and because if she went to Bryn Mawr it's in Pennsylvania, and then I'd worry."

"Why would you worry?" I asked, feeling like George Burns, in a double act with an eight-year-old Gracie Allen.

"Because of her getting her blood sucked. It's in Pennsylvania, you know. Where Dracula comes from."

"Er, Mads. You're thinking of Transylvania. That's in Eastern Europe. Pennsylvania's in the USA."

"Oh. Well, I still think Smith is a nicer name."


Wrapping up a final rewrite of Mirror-Mask, the film that Dave McKean will be making for Henson's. They'll be shooting in the UK. They've already started casting, and Dave's spent the last few weeks doing the storyboards. Today I turned on the Final Draft (screenwriting program, really good one) thingie that numbers the scenes, something I don't start doing until films are actually heading into production. So fingers crossed.


And, out of pity for all the people who are now subscribing to the various RSS feeds of this journal, I'm going to try not to do what I've been doing for a while, which was typing and publishing as I went along, just in case Blogger hiccoughed (or even hiccupped), and then going in at the end and cleaning up the stray commas. This means that typos and infelicities are more likely to remain, but that you're less likely to see a post repeated several times.