Monday, March 24, 2003
Hi Neil,

I'm a bit confused by your upcoming tour dates in Holland, it says you'll be in my country on april 24th-28th, but the Elf Fantasy link below those dates says you'll be there on march 20, which was a couple of days ago. So either you've got a serious case of jetlag induced amnesia concerning your whereabouts these last few days or the people who maintain this Dutch site have made a mistake, I'm tending toward the latter but it makes me wish your schedule were more specific as I've got serious plans of stalking you those four days. And while I'm already wasting your time, I might as well ask you another question: I recall you mentioning Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable somewhere, was that in any way a research tool during the writing of Sandman?

Hope to see you soon,

BrilliantMistake (I'll be the guy with the trenchcoat and the newspaper with two holes in it who 'coincedentally' seems to be everywhere you go in Holland.)

I looked at one of the English versions of the pages, at and it seems pretty clear that the Elf Fair is over the dates I'll be there. I think the 20 Maart thing probably refers to the date that page was updated.

And yes, Brewers was an invaluable tool in writing Sandman, and in writing Good Omens and in writing many other things. (My favourite copy is the reprint of the first edition.) Without the Reverend E. Cobham Brewer Terry Pratchett and I would, well, have not known lots of cool oddments.