Monday, March 10, 2003
Hey, Neil--
Glad the Salt Lake City signing went well. The library comics store
where you signed is an offshoot of Mimi and Alan Carroll's Night Flight
Comics in Cottonwood Mall. I know Mimi has been working with the
libraries in the SLC area for quite some time now--I was there in
October for cartooning demonstrations that Mimi organized for Bill
Morrison and Batton Lash (my wonderful husband) at the new SLC Library
and the Park City Library; over 60 enthusiastic kids showed up for each
one. That's when I first heard about the library store, which as far as
I know is the only comics/graphics novel store of its kind in the U.S.
Mimi managed to put the store together in record time (opening last
month, two months earlier than originally planned). Batton and I wish
Mimi and Alan great success with the store, since it offers a great way
for the reading public to be exposed to comics--and maybe even buy some!

Jackie Estrada

According to Julie the librarian, Mimi made an amazing presentation to the Powers That Be that convinced them that comics and graphic novels make literate kids, and that the best possible thing to have in a library was a comics shop.

I just looked at the place in awe. I mean, a library, with a comics store, and food.... at a certain age, I would have gone there and simply never left. I would have slept in the giant beanbags -- lovesacs -- and read everything...

Anyway, thanks for making sure that Alan and Mimi got their credit, Jackie. (Jackie's husband, Batton Lash, does a great comic called SUPERNATURAL LAW, by the way.)