Saturday, March 01, 2003
Greetings, Sire!

I love books. I think it's the greatest creation Humanity has ever devised. And you, sir, just happen to be one of the people whose prose I enjoy reading the most. Keep writing as long as you can, please.

Since I love books, I've decided to start a website project where it's possible to look up books and see what they are about, and even rate them in case one has read it. It's called the Internet Book List, and can be found at'd very much enjoy if you'd mention this in your journal, so we can get more people interested in filling the list with books.

Patrik Roos

Okay -- consider it plugged. Looks to me like you need a lot more books and a lot more people listing things and giving opinions, so good luck with it. Which reminds me -- have I ever plugged here? It's a terrific e-book (and short story) website, with the best fiction/author recommending engine I've run into. Rate a few dozen stories, books and authors and it will start suggesting things you'd probably like, and it does it very well.

Maddy says, "Say she thanks all of you out there who sent her nice emails and messages. And she's feeling a lot better. And say she got her ears pierced today." Which she did, and it looks very nice. ... (And I had a needle stuck into me too, but for another blood test.)