Friday, March 21, 2003
Dear Mr. Gaiman,

Thank you for putting up the link of a blog from Baghdad, I've been checking it a few times a day ever since. However, I was wondering how do you know that the blog is written in Baghdad and not by someone with intimate knowledge of Iraq? Or that this could be a propaganda ploy by the U.S. government? I don't intend to stop reading it until I see some proof that it's fake. But how do you know that it's real?


I don't. Although it doesn't read like U.S. Government propaganda. It reads like someone blogging.

(Then again, I sometimes get snarky e-mails asking if I'm real; the assumption being, I suppose, that I'm too richandfamousandbusy to do something like this personally, so the journal is probably being written by an underpaid typist in the bowels of the Harper Collins building.)


It seems that my own response to the war is to start writing a novel. I opened the large-sized Moleskin notebook today, pulled out my pen and Fat Charlie came puffing up over the hill to push his way to the front of the wrong funeral party. He is about to open his mouth and embarrass himself very badly.


I'm going to try and get permission to post thumbnails of the Dave McKean ENDLESS NIGHTS cover and the new trade paperback HarperCollins American Gods cover here. Not sure if I'll get said permission or not. I've made the Endless Nights cover my new wallpaper and told Dave last night how much I liked it.

"It's really gorgeous!" I enthused.

"Er," he said. "Um."

"Mark Askwith says it's the best cover you've ever done."

"Um," he said. Pause. "He was probably being polite."

"You don't like it do you?"

"Erm. Well."

"It is wonderful. Really it is."

"Er. Glad you like it. So. About the Mirror-Mask script..."

I suspect he's too close to it.

Mirror-Mask seems to be rolling. Dave's storyboarding it right now, they've got a casting director and are starting to cast it.

I merely have to take all the different scripts that exist for it and fold them into one draft that includes everyone's notes but doesn't change anything that Dave's already storyboarded. Child's play, he said, with a doomed and hollow tone to his voice. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a notebook with a funeral in it I need to be getting back to.